Why Do Spiritual People Lose Friends?

This is definitely one of those thoughts that go through my mind that perhaps may never have a confirmed answer. It seems like a universal element in the spiritual world. What universal element is this? It’s about losing friends.

I’ve seen it repeatedly happen when it feels like one moment you have a handful of authentic friends, and as time goes by, they slowly drift away. I have thought long and hard about this, and yes, it tears my heart apart, but for me, I have to find a happy place where my answers reside.

I will be 60 this summer, and having new friends at this point is not high on my list, but the friends I do have, I cherish. I remembered years ago, my mom saying, “Donna, your best friend will always be your husband.” This is fine and dandy, but there are certain things that a woman likes to talk to other women about, and the husbands’ ears or not meant to hear nor would they understand, at least this would be true in my case.

I have been through a lot since my awakening in 2014. I do have one-lifetime friend since we were in the first grade together, and to this day, we still chat weekly. I have other friends that are what I call “surface friends,” where we talk about things that are on the surface level. This type of friend is wonderful to have, but then on a soul level, they just don’t get it.

In my mediumship readings, they won’t understand how it feels about talking to spirit people. They won’t understand the lucid dreams that I have and what they mean to me. They won’t understand how my cards are so damn accurate in some of my readings it’s spooky. They just won’t understand how my gears work, which is frustrating.

I have this one friend that spirit brought us together in 2014 for a reason, and I understand what the reason is. She introduced me to Reiki, and I will forever be thankful for that. I know friends come into our life for a reason, and when that reason gets fulfilled, many of our friends seem to drift away. If it wasn’t for this particular friend, I’m not sure my awakening would have happened, and I am very thankful for her!

The past few months have been difficult for oh so many reasons, and these are the times when we really need friends. I have gotten sick with Covid, had extreme troubles with a family member, one of my beloved pets passed, and the worst, the recent passing of my mom this spring. These are pretty significant events in a tight timeline, and it also takes time to talk these things out. This was when I needed her the most, and she was absent. Her text typed, “you seemed so happy in your texts I assumed everything was OK.” How lame is that right? What appears on the outside is not what is on the inside and texting me? That hurt.

These were my thoughts this morning as I was vacuuming my living room, and my mind was in a neutral mode. I’ve concluded that she’s slowly drifting away, and it is the way spirit wanted to be. I refuse to fight for things that aren’t there or put a Band-Aid on a wound that needs stitches.

I continue with my amazing spiritual journey with the three of us, me myself and I. Yes, I can talk to my husband about many things that happen in my life, and I do love him dearly for that! I will have to rewire my thinking and bring what is truly important to my soul and release the thoughts and friends that are not.

If there’s anything that I have learned during my spiritual awakening, life is best when you align with your journey and the universe, not against it. Much like swimming upstream, life can be difficult, but once you breathe and become strong, it is much easier. Let’s learn to swim my friends!



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