The New Earth, Ascension, and 5D Explained, 2023

Donna Frasca
7 min readSep 20, 2023

First, where are you on the ascension journey? Stop and think about that question for a moment because your journey has no beginning, no end; it just is. How do I ascend, and where is 5D? These are some of the most asked questions in the spiritual community now, and in my mind and life experiences, I have come to find answers to these questions.

Let’s talk about words for a bit. Over the years, I’ve heard mentions of “The New Earth” and never said anything about those words or what they meant. At that point in time, I was processing words and gathering thoughts. Much like I do with my mediumship, I only jump into a thought or come to a conclusion once I send everything through my senses.

What is my gut telling me?

What do these words feel like?

Do I sense any red flags?

Does this experience resonate with me?

Once I get some answers to those questions, I start forming my opinions and thoughts; I may even say my words out loud at this point because I have enough “evidence” to back my words up. Those words meant something to me because I heard my Guides say in 2019, “There’s going to be a great reset and a new earth.” Now, how does one process that? Slowly.

When I was on social media at the time, I accidentally typed the words “New Earth” in a post I created. Wow, did I get backlash!

“What is New Earth?” I instantly edited and rewrote my comment to some insignificant sillness that wasted my time. I should have left it because something inside me was ready to talk about the New Earth, but I did not have enough experience to back it up.

Now, about those words. There are so many cliche words when it comes to our spiritualism. Comments like, “You’re a spirit being having a human experience.” How many times have you heard or read that? People say these nonsense phrases to sound like they know what they’re saying but have no idea because they are just copying other people’s words. It’s essential to our journey to be our authentic selves and not be carbon copies of what we’ve read or studied.

Now, back to the New Earth. This is a phrase I heard from spirit, either my Guides, Angles, Higher Self, whatever, it doesn’t matter. What matters is I heard it at the end of 2018, and I had YEARS to think about it. Now that it has been under my belt for a few years, I have this to say.

Grab a chair, something to drink, and read on.

Our journey is not any big woo-woo that only special people get. Sure, if you’ve done the work, you’ll be more responsive to what the universe is presenting to you, but the work takes YEARS, and most people do not have that time span to invest in this amazing journey, so they drop off. I say this only because I know what I’ve experienced in my lifetime, and what once was, “Wow, holy cow! Look what happened to me,” is now just an everyday event like putting my pants on every morning. Once you leave your ego behind and step into the YOU you were meant to be, everything flows naturally, like a normal part of your day.

I have too much to say; I don’t know where to begin. This is part of the “new earth” that is in reach for the people who are at that point of — not giving up but surrendering.

I so get the phrase, “With age comes wisdom,” now more so than ever. Sure, I look back at all the wild things I experienced and loved every minute of it, but it all seems so long ago. I feel like I’ve been to the best college in the world and graduated with flying colors. Yeah, I had to take some courses over, so to speak, but the clarity now is so real.

Okay, the New Earth. Many people say the New Earth, the 5D, is a place people will ascend to. They make it sound like it’s an actual place, and you have to die to get there. Seriously, I’ve heard people on social media say this very thing, and that’s sad. To save you a ton of agonizing time, it’s a frame of mind, not an actual place.

This “time” that I’m speaking of is similar to knowing how a book ends, but you have to read the book, not the cliff notes. You have to experience every word in the book so you get an understanding of the plot and a visualization in your mind to know what the story is about. You even have to take the test about the book and really know the details, not just know them but understand and fully acknowledge what you’ve just read.

In 2014, when I was all gun-hoe about jumping into readings and starting my mediumship in public, my Guides told me I was not ready yet. They did say spring of 2015 was a good time to start, and they, of course, were right. However, I look back at 2015 to now. The New Earth shows you all this; it’s like stepping into a library and having read all the books already or at least knowing where all your favorite books are on the shelves before you start looking for them. It’s really a great feeling, and it feels like a weight off your shoulders, not a weight of burden but a weight of accomplishment.

The point of this post is trying to explain what the New Earth is, and it’s not easy to do. I can only tell you what I’m doing as I begin my life in this place and space, and a bullet list looks like it’ll be the easiest for me to explain and for you to read and understand.

  • There are many ascension symptoms, and most people experience them daily, as they should. Everyone experiences ascension, whether you know it or not, which is why everyone feels similar symptoms, from insomnia to loss of appetite.
  • As your journey or awareness grows, you lose friends, and your family thinks you’re crazy. Don’t sweat this one; just let it happen. There is nothing you can do to get your friends back; they have made up their minds because they are on a different frequency from you, so you “don’t feel right” when you’re together. It’s an uncomfortable feeling for sure, but it is what it is. You may or may not find friends who “feel good” in your presence. Sadly, this may be true with your partner as well, and that will be a problem. I will say this about a life partner that helped me. Do not seek fulfillment where it can’t be found — once we experience life and find out that there is so much that doesn’t feel right, we finally get to the place in life that feels good for us. Remember to walk side by side, not in front or behind one another.
  • Ironically, when the mind eventually matures, the body has already begun to fade. Thank god for the spirit; it never changes; it just waits. Lesson here, look for enlightenment in the spirit, not the mind.
  • Now, this part is a new one for me. I’m 100% sure you have some collection of cards, crystals, and other divination tools. Just this week, I wanted to pack all mine away. It’s almost like I finished reading that book and can put it down now. Tools are just crutches for validation; although they are super cool, they are unnecessary. YOU, your body, mind, and senses, are the only tools you need in the New Earth, AND I CAN’T SAY THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH.
  • This list can go on and on, but there is one major factor in all this: the mind. When your mind is in the right place, the rest of this becomes clear. So put your symptoms aside, for now; they will always be there. Once you stop seeing them as symptoms and recognize them as stepping stones, this journey not only becomes clearer but it becomes easier.
  • One last note about the New Earth is the colors, and this is SO my world! Colors are brighter, more saturated, and just everything is shinier. It’s like the day after the storm, how everything looks and smells beautiful.


I love that so many of us WAKE UP, but unfortunately, at an older age. Do we have to experience the world’s wrongs first before we know what we’re supposed to know?

To echo an essential note: Do not seek fulfillment where it can’t be found — once we experience life and discover that there is so much that doesn’t feel right, we finally get to the place in life that feels good for us. Ironically, when the mind eventually matures, the body has already begun to fade. Thank god for the spirit; it never changes; it just waits. Lesson here, look for enlightenment in the spirit, not the mind.

When you stop following what you think you’re supposed to do, a new world opens up for you; this is part of the New Earth.

You will always wind up where you’re supposed to be, but it may take a lifetime.

When your mind stops seeking, it’s only then, at that moment, you’ll see the New Earth that’s been here all along.



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