Process Your Emotions With Color

Emotions are running very high now since Roe v. Wade. No matter where you stand on this issue, we all have emotions to process, and today, I’m going to show a few colors to help.

First thing, take it way, way down a notch. I’m not getting political or voicing my opinion about this only expressing colors that will help ease your emotions.

I know when I get my knickers in a twist, I have to take a deep breath and go easy both visually and emotionally. Whether I’m excited about something or fuming mad, these are both emotions that can take a toll on the body, the heart in particular.

Looking at the graphic above, you’ll see a beautiful sunrise and a few colors that I high lighted from it. These colors are soft, pastel, and transparent. They are easy on the eyes and easy on the mind.

Also noting these are the colors that represent the higher chakras, from the throat to the crown, and these colors, have a very high vibration. What does that mean? It means they just feel good to look at. The lower chakras are from the root chakra to the solar plexus and they are red, orange, and yellow, three very high-energy, saturated colors that will not help in this situation.

  • Think of these colors in the early morning breeze as you sit on your front porch sipping your coffee.
  • Think of these colors as you soak in a bubbly tub at the end of the day.
  • Think of these colors as you take the very first sip of a fine wine.
  • Think of these colors as your head hits the pillow as night after a very long day.

The things I described feel good right? Yes, they do!

So when it comes to processing our emotions about any subject that we are expressive about, always remember to move your emotions in a healthy, pleasant way. Emotions that stay bottled up inside us only create bigger health issues like heart disease, cancer, ulcers, and anxiety.

Stay passionate about your beliefs and keep control of your emotions. Move them around, release them and express them in a healthy way. Bring your focus back to these colors when you feel yourself under stress, anxiety or excitement, keep everything in balance.

  • Ways to do this:
  • Wear amethyst jewelry — purple.
  • Wear pink clothing
  • Wear rose quartz jewelry
  • Paint your fingernails any one of these colors for a quick focus
  • Accessorize your clothing
  • Add these colors to the decor in your home from paint to pillows.

You get the idea. Stay focused, move your emotions and let your colors guide you. You got this.



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