How To Stay Calm With Color

If we truly knew the power of color, it would be in our medicine cabinet. It is the easiest way to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The colors I have here are a good start.

Like a misty morning field, these three colors will start your day, calmly. How? Let’s talk about them.

Green is a must-have color in your home. If you do not have green in your home by now, you’re missing out on a whole lot of healing. This color, in just about any shade, represents the heart chakra. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the love is, and home is where YOUR heart should be. It’s the one color I strongly suggest choosing as your living room color where your family gathers. It’s usually the central part of the home, just like the heart is the central part of your body. See why I love this color so much? Start loving it too!

Dark gray is a color that I would suggest for grounding. You can tweak this color more towards brown if you do not like gray. I do not like gray, and I’ve echoed this over and over here in my blog. HOWEVER, I would use this color somewhere in the home for two reasons. One, like I, said, to ground. We should always have our feet strongly planted on the ground, both physically and spiritually. This helps us think, live, and easily walk through the challenges in life. When your feet are supported by the earth, you can walk anywhere. Understand where I’m going here?

The last color I have here in this trio is pale, muted yellow. I love this color! For those of you who are color sensitive, this will help you float from room to room without “feeling” the harshness of white. Use this color in the bedroom to rest your eyes and your mind.

I’ve tried several graphics over the weeks, and I really like designing these paint lids. For some reason, on a graphic level, they really represent my work here on Decorating by Donna, and on a personal level, they just resonate well with me. So you’ll be seeing these graphics from now for continuity.

All of my color palettes are available for purchase. If you’d like this color palette in Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Valspar, visit and we can start that process. I can also help you with the color arrangement for your home, all virtual.



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