How Can You Work With Color and Crystals?

Crystals are very powerful tools if used correctly or even if they resonate with you. Some people think they are just rocks, and others use them as Divination tools for assistance. I love color, and I love crystals. Let me show you how I use both in my designs.

If there’s a way to make life easier, don’t you think you should take advantage of that? Of course! Combining energy enhancements of crystals with color is the icing on the cake for my designs.

How does it work for me? It’s straightforward; actually, there’s no hocus pocus, just tapping into your intuitive self.

When I design a color palette for a client, being a Clairvoyant, I tap into my intuition. I look over all my color decks, pamphlets, and chips and see which ones stand out to me. But, before I even get to this step, there is already a crystal in my hand.

Which crystal do I use? Clear Quartz. See to the right in my graphic? It’s funny how I gravitate towards a clear crystal when I want inspiration on color. I guess that makes sense. If I used a colored crystal, I feel that would influence my color choices.

I hold the crystal in my hand and feel its energy and vibration. There seems to be a knowing that comes in, and I get drawn to colors that look beautiful to me. Sure, many of those color choices come from my knowledge base, but on some level, I feel they guide me to my best decisions.

Do you use crystals in your line of work?



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