How Can Color Calm My Mind?

It’s been a day! Family members having issues, people not knowing how to do their jobs, sick pets, and no time. The stress is high today. When this happens, I turn to my design board and create a color and graphic that just feels good. Let me tell you when this one works.

If you don’t know what plant that is, it’s a Pussy Willow. I used to have this plant on my property at the house where I grew up. See the gray fuzzy things? I used to pick them and touch them to the space between my nose and top lip; I don’t know why I did that, but it was so soft, so fuzzy, and it made me smile.

Good memory.

This is how color works. You see an object, and a memory is recalled. Does it mean I like gray? No, not at all, but on some level, the softness of the plant and all the shades of gray it has was beautiful on some level for me.

It was calming.

I also loved the color of the stems. That red hue was so unique! All the other plants seemed to have muddy brown or green stems, but this plant had a rich red hue.


So do you see how these colors have such a calming effect on me? Does it feel the same to you?



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Donna Frasca

Author, A Psychic Medium, and Color Expert, who enjoys life, #FromColorToTheCosmos