Frustrations of Being Clairvoyant

Another very frustrating element of being a medium is when you see or hear something cool, and nobody else understands. Not only do you look like a crazy person but, after a while, your friends look at you like you’re showing off or making the shit up … and THAT’s how most “friends” disappear. Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when I told them I saw a demon hand on my bedroom floor? That’s when they think you’re a witch or the devil and run for the hills. Other than mentioning it in this book, I don’t share that story anymore; it’s just too much for most people.

To chat about the friend thing for a bit, as the journey of a medium unfolds, it gets to the point where you are experiencing something that others are not. What happens in a situation like this? It’s the friend you might have that is always traveling, has a great car and the prettiest clothes, and is always in the right place at the right time. After a while, you begin to turn a little green, green with envy. I’ve done it too, but never dumped a friend because they were more successful than I was. I am happy for my friends who succeed and go up the ladder; I wish them well. So, yes, there are friends, particularly my medium friends, who are the first to turn green, which is sad. There was a time when I wondered why I couldn’t get close to them and become soul sisters, to share our experiences! To me, that sounds fun. To others, it sounds like a competition.

Then there are friends who are also mediums but are not out of their spooky closet yet. This is super frustrating because I can’t be myself around them, always having to watch what I say. There are no conversations about seeing Spirit or doing readings in fear that their family or friends may be listening, and that’s bullshit! Either you’re in, or you’re out.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that there is a lot of ego and jealousy among mediums. How horrible to dirty such a beautiful ability and a beautiful journey. This, my friends, is probably the number one downfall of being a medium. It can be a lonely journey, made all the worse because of the many people who are two-faced. The interesting thing is that, if you’re a hypersensitive medium like I am, you can see right through most people and weed them out from the start.

As fun as it would be to have another friend as a medium, it’s not realistic, at least not for me. I’d love to sit and talk about our mediumistic experiences, share and discover more about this amazing world, but it doesn’t happen. I’m sure it does on many occasions, so don’t be discouraged. If you do find a friendship like that, cherish it. I truly believe God pairs us with people who will complement our lives instead of making it a competition.



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