Donna Frasca, The Colorful Clairvoyant

Donna Frasca
2 min readNov 28, 2023

Two different worlds from two different timelines blend, and I couldn’t be happier. Interior design focuses on the colors of the physical. Living as a Clairvoyant focuses on the colors of the spiritual. They both directly relate to my mind, body, and spirit.

2020 changed a lot of us. I had a whole year of doing inner work and thinking about what I did in the past and how I was to move forward.

My 30+ years of interior design are still going strong but with a twist toward how colors feel instead of how colors look.

My life as a psychic medium wasn’t fully acknowledged until 2014. I realized my life changed when the things I was seeing and experiencing consumed my everyday life.

I thought long and hard about how my two worlds could work together, and it just naturally unfolded from seeing chakras, auras, and people who have passed to designing color palettes to heal the mind, body, and spirit. My two worlds quickly become one.

I love how I can write about the color of a bathroom and then post about how certain color combinations can help soothe the soul. What I love most is that there is a vast amount of people who are following this trend of color abilities and how it can help them find comfort not only in their homes but in their mind, body, and spirit.

As time goes on, I continue to embrace who I am as challenging as it may get. Small steps forward, and forward I go.



Donna Frasca

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