Donna Frasca Published! From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind of a Medium

I Did It! I’m Published!

Now that’s one more thing off my Bucket List! Wow, my book only took two years from start to finish which I think is pretty good. It would have gotten done sooner but 2020 was a year of inner work, not writing so I took most of the year off to just be.

I will say this, I really had no idea who I was until I wrote this book. I relived so many memories and realized it made me who I am today. I’m actually kinda mad at myself for not giving myself more credit, I really accomplished a lot.

This first post will be a small one and I’ll make it sticky so it stays on top of this blog. I’m going to write about how this book came together in future posts but for now, I invite you inside my mind. Hold on, it’s a ride! You can purchase it on Amazon if you’d like a jump start on reading about it. Stay tuned!




Author, A Psychic Medium, and Color Expert, who enjoys life, #FromColorToTheCosmos

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Donna Frasca

Donna Frasca

Author, A Psychic Medium, and Color Expert, who enjoys life, #FromColorToTheCosmos

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