Crossing Spirits Over In A Dream

I had an odd dream last night — for the short time I did sleep — that I released a family of five that passed away. They died and for some reason, their spirits were in a car (in dreams, a car symbolizes home.)

I guess I was house hunting and I remember the real estate rep told me that a long time ago several people had passed away in the house.

I felt their presence in the house but wasn’t sure where they were, they didn’t let me leave the house and kept shutting my car off when I tried to leave. When I got out of my car to look around, I saw an old, burnt car off to the side that was covered in weeds and dirt from time, and I was drawn to it. I opened the back hatch (it was a very old station wagon) I saw the spirits of the family drift out and up from the car. There were three young children, one was an infant, parents and even an Irish Setter dog.

The detail of this dream was incredible, from what I saw in the home to the clothes that each of the spirit people were wearing.

A medium in the day, and apparently also through the astral plane.

I expect that there was an old me that no longer exists. There is a new me unraveling and it’s quite a process. I’ve learned to voice my opinion because I will not hold in emotions and make myself sick. Is there a consequence to voicing opinions? Very much so but I’m coming in with a positive, loving attitude and hoping for the best.

I went for a walk this morning and my mantra was, “I Am.” These are the two strongest words in the Universe, and I trust that. And so it is.



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Donna Frasca

Author, A Psychic Medium, and Color Expert, who enjoys life, #FromColorToTheCosmos