Bilocation: The Night I Had To Be In Two Places at The Same Time

Donna Frasca
8 min readJun 16, 2022

The Dorm Ghost

When you have two kids in college, I can only tell you that time to yourself is precious. A few years back, when I was out celebrating my husband’s birthday in Charlotte, I experienced an event that would forever change my life. It seems like I’ve had several occasions that “forever changed my life,” so I guess here I am adding to that list.

We were in our hotel room with the dinner reservations at six, getting ready to enjoy dinner and drinks and hours to ourselves with no interruptions. The view from my hotel room was beautiful as it overlooked the Queen City as the sun began to set. Music was on, the weather was beautiful, and I was looking forward to enjoying a peaceful evening with my husband. I was all dressed and ready to go, but my husband needed to shower up and get ready, so, into the bathroom he went, and I sat down on the bed to check my email. No sooner did I sit on the bed than I got a text from my daughter.

“Mom, there is a ghost in my room. Can you do something about it?” she asks.

Keep in mind that I am in a hotel room in Charlotte, and my daughter is in college, a good three and a half hours away.

“What do you mean there is a ghost in your room?” I texted back.

“There is some kind of ghost that is messing around with things in my room, turning the water on and playing with the handle on my doors, and it’s annoying me. Please fix it,” she writes.

I love that my daughter has so much faith in me that I can just snap my fingers and fix her ghostly problem when I am three and a half hours away. I can only tell you what was going through my mind at this time. I am trying to relax, knowing that I thought I had a night to myself and no kids to worry about, and now I have to worry about a ghost.

“What do you expect me to do?”

“I don’t know, Mom, just do something about it. I’m tired and going to bed.”

As I sit on the bed in disbelief, not only disbelieving that, again, I am getting a text from my kid and I’m trying to have a kid-free weekend, but she thinks I can get rid of a ghost from the location I am at. How do you like that for responsibility? As a mom, and again as a psychic medium, I felt it was my duty to rectify the situation somehow. But how?

I knew that we could not leave the hotel and hop in the car and drive to her location to see what was going on, that was not even a possibility. This was my husband’s weekend, and we were going to celebrate it as planned. So what am I to do?

“Am I seriously going to pick a fight with a ghost?

You better believe it!”

I sat on the bed with my legs crossed. I knew my husband was in the shower and that it would take a good 20 minutes for him to get ready. I had 20 minutes to come up with a solution to get rid of a ghost, but how? What happened next, something that I would never have thought possible in my life, just happened without hesitation. I remember sitting on the bed thinking to myself, what am I going to do? How will I fix this? A million things were going through my mind, and I needed the one solution to fix it and fix it fast; I have 20 minutes. I continued to sit on the bed with my legs crossed and just closed my eyes. I remember thinking I needed to call in my Angels, Guides, or whoever was around in the spirit world to help me with a solution. There was such a strong urge in my gut to be in her dorm room, to help her. That feeling overcame me. I was more annoyed that there was a ghost in my daughter’s dorm messing with her than I was about being disturbed on a birthday weekend.

It was more than a strong urge to be in her dorm room, I needed to get there, and I need to get there now! No sooner did I say that in my mind than I saw myself manifest in her dorm room. Now keep in mind this vision that I saw was in my mind’s eye, with my eyes closed.

Like a little movie that was playing in my head, the following scene took place. I saw myself in her dorm with my back up against the door. I looked at myself, and I saw myself — where am I? I was standing up against her door. I had my arms down against my sides, and my palms were flat against the door. I saw myself as slightly transparent, like I wasn’t 100% there. I remember looking around in her dorm room and thinking, oh my God, I am in my daughter’s dorm room right now! I looked and saw every detail that was there. I first looked at her bed and saw her fast asleep and all tucked under her blankets. I looked at her ceiling, and I saw the beautiful lights she’d strung from corner to corner. I looked at her dresser, and I saw all the knickknacks that were there and, of course, the tons of clothes on the floor that took up most of the floor space. I remember saying to myself that, man, she needs to clean up this room!

Once the excitement of being in two places simultaneously wore off, mind you, my physical body is still sitting cross-legged on the bed in the hotel room while all this is happening, I regained my focus. I looked around the room to see if there was a ghost there and what I needed to do to get rid of it. Her room is not big, so I did a quick scan and noticed something unusual hovering by the closet door. I retook a closer look with my back still up against the door and saw a gray cloud. As I looked at this gray cloud, I went through my spiritual checklist. I revved up all my Clairs and looked at this cloud to try to figure out what it was. What did it look like? What did it feel like? What did it smell like? What did it sound like? As I went through my checklist, I came to a conclusion and knew what to do.

This gray cloud felt like a young man, very much like a college student that previously lived there. My first thought was that it was kind of creepy that a guy was creeping in on my daughter as she slept and went about her dorm life, so I got angry.

“I can see you,” I said to the gray cloud that hovered very close to the ceiling by her closet door. The conversation that took place next, I had no idea where it came from, but I meant it to the core. As I remained up against the door, I focused on this gray cloud hovering close by the ceiling, and I said the following speech.

“It is not cool that you are in a young woman’s dorm room creeping on her and causing havoc. I don’t like it, she doesn’t like it, and you need to stop. So what you’re going to do is this. You’re going to take yourself and remove yourself from this room. Not only are you going to remove yourself from this room, but you are going to remove yourself from this entire dormitory and college. You’re going to find a little happy place in the sky or wherever you need to be, but it’s certainly not going to be here in the college creeping on these kids or anywhere for that matter. That is just not appropriate.”

What I’ve learned working with spirit people is this. You can’t just send them away because they will only cause havoc somewhere else if they are troublemakers. Their energy and intentions need to be changed. In my mind’s eye, I wrapped up this little gray spirit person in the most beautiful pink bows I could conjure up. I filled him with love and light and all the best wishes in the world. He was the prettiest boy I ever imagined and suddenly he didn’t feel so tough anymore.

After I adorned him in love and light, I left him with a few final words. I said to him, “if I have to come back here again because I find out you’re harassing my daughter or anyone else in the dorm, I’m not going to be so nice next time.”

No sooner did I say that than the gray boy cloud was gone, and I found myself back in the hotel room sitting on the bed. I opened my eyes and could not believe what just happened. Oddly that whole scenario took about two minutes or less. I kind of lost track of time, but I know it was only about two minutes because my husband came out of the shower about 15 minutes later, which gave me time to process what just happened.

Guys, I had never experienced anything like that in my life but a similar experience followed shortly after that. I just find it amazing that deep inside, there’s a natural instinct to know what to do as if I’ve done this for centuries — perhaps I have.

When my husband finally came out of the shower, I told him what happened. He looked at me like I had ten heads and did not say anything. After all, how do you respond to an experience like that? I’m just glad I am one of those mediums who have a very understanding and non-judgmental husband. We gathered our things and left the hotel, enjoyed a delicious dinner with wine, music, and laughter. I completely forgot about the event that took place earlier in the night and enjoyed his birthday celebration. I must say, I was a bit proud of myself for having successfully completed my first ghostbusting.

Night passed and the next day arrived. The first thing I wanted to do was to text my daughter when I knew that she was awake to ask her how her night was. Around 11 AM, I sent her a text asking her how she slept. I also asked her, if she had to guess where the ghost was in her room, where would it be? I could not wait to read her following text. And then it came.

“Yeah, I felt like something was going on by my closet door above, by the ceiling, but it’s not there anymore. Thanks, mom, you’re the best!”

I was bursting with joy, not because I did some ghostbusting and bilocating, but because my daughter was able to sense where the ghost was in her room. She doesn’t know yet, but she is a medium in the making.

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I hope you enjoyed this wild experience of time bilocation! It is in Chapter 11 Odd Things in my book, From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind of a Medium. You can purchase my book on Amazon.



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